Threads Lashes

As I wear quite a lot of makeup day to day (not as in caked, just quite a few products) I’m slowly running out of bits to add for a ‘dressier’ look. I love to go out for a meal every so often and dress up a little bit because I don’t really enjoy going out into town at weekend, so when I do the only thing I can really add to the routine is a little bit more eye makeup – lashes being my favourite part! Continue reading “Threads Lashes”


Summer Empties

As you can imagine, I get through a lot of products (I’m a proper hoarder) and it’s usually just my luck that that all run out at the same time! I’m at the end of my summer products now (is it just me that has seasonal products?) so it’s a good opportunity to show everything that I’ve loved this last season. I have a few bits that make an appearance every year, some that I use year-round and then the odd one that I’ve recently discovered this summer, so a varied bunch I’d say! Continue reading “Summer Empties”

Intu Derby A/W Fashion Show

I’ve been a little bit off the radar over the last couple of weeks when it comes to blogging but on Saturday I was invited to the A/W fashion show in Intu Derby so of course I jumped at the chance to get out and get me in the mood for writing a bit more! I met a few other blogging gals there and we all sat in a little roped-off section at the side feeling all important and exclusive. The staff at Intu were all so chatty and lovely to us – I’m a fan of anybody willing to feed me muffins and hot chocolate – and they were sure to let us know about all of the other bits and bobs going on throughout the day! Continue reading “Intu Derby A/W Fashion Show”

A Trip to TK Maxx

There’s a pretty big perk to where I work and that’s how close I am to everything! Lunch breaks are the perfect time to sneak in a cheeky little shopping trip and last week I went a little bit further afield over to TK Maxx!It was only a quick trip (obviously) so I avoided the clothes like the plague and stuck to the beauty and homeware instead. I only really came out with 3 things in the end, but at least I didn’t spend half as much as I would have in a proper trip! Continue reading “A Trip to TK Maxx”

Home Spa Necessities

If you’re anything like me – a bit poor and very tight with the money you do have – then spa days are reserved for special occasions and gifts. But, everyone loves a good pamper and it’s easy enough to recreate at home with a few bits you have lying around or things that can be found pretty easily in any shopping centre! I always have pamper supplies lying around, ready and waiting for my next opportunity to chill – and I’d definitely recommend building up a stash yourself! Continue reading “Home Spa Necessities”

L’Oreal True Match Foundation

It’s been a while since I last bought a proper foundation and I thought with the cold weather looming it was probably the best time to start my hunt for a foundation that will actually match my whiter than whiter complexion! I was using Maybelline’s BB Cream for a good while before repurchasing the Lush Colour Supplement in Jackie Oates and they’re quite different from each other, so I wanted to find a happy medium – a light foundation that still gives a decent coverage and evens out my skin tone! Continue reading “L’Oreal True Match Foundation”

Beauty on a Budget: Covershoot Cosmetics

So about a month ago now Covershoot Cosmetics contacted me to see if I wanted to give a few products a go and well, here we are. I wasn’t quite expecting so much to arrive – they did say they’d send a ‘box’ but I ended up with 5 products at my door! I have tried one of these before but I’ll get into that a little more later on, but this is definitely a super cheap brand that won’t set you back even if you’re on a budget! Continue reading “Beauty on a Budget: Covershoot Cosmetics”