Summer Empties

As you can imagine, I get through a lot of products (I’m a proper hoarder) and it’s usually just my luck that that all run out at the same time! I’m at the end of my summer products now (is it just me that has seasonal products?) so it’s a good opportunity to show everything that I’ve loved this last season. I have a few bits that make an appearance every year, some that I use year-round and then the odd one that I’ve recently discovered this summer, so a varied bunch I’d say! Continue reading “Summer Empties”


The Best Products to Keep your Face in Place

Makeup isn’t made to last, we know that, but of course everyone wants their face to stay in place throughout the day! There seem to be more and more products coming out every day that promise to hold your makeup in place, or at least make it last longer – but do they actually all work? I’ve only been collecting a range of fixing sprays and primers for the last 6 months or so, but I reckon I’ve got a good collection of those that actually work at this point! Continue reading “The Best Products to Keep your Face in Place”