Lush Christmas Range

It’s not Christmas until Lush come out with their Christmas products, period. I usually wait to start getting Christmassy until after my birthday but that kind of went to pot this year and seeing as I don’t have to sort anything for my birthday, Christmas is my main focus! With Lush’s range coming out the same day that I was at the Intu fashion show, there was no way I wasn’t making a stop to fill my basket – and that I did. I wandered around for a while with a massive basket trying to fight through the crowds, just throwing stuff in (not literally) without checking the prices – I would never recommend this but I actually did pretty well in the end. I picked up 4 Christmas products in the end and they’re all different types so I picked a decent range. I’m definitely going back again on payday though because I made the mistake of looking on the website and finding a load more stuff that I need – so expect another part to this post in a couple of weeks! Continue reading “Lush Christmas Range”


Summer Empties

As you can imagine, I get through a lot of products (I’m a proper hoarder) and it’s usually just my luck that that all run out at the same time! I’m at the end of my summer products now (is it just me that has seasonal products?) so it’s a good opportunity to show everything that I’ve loved this last season. I have a few bits that make an appearance every year, some that I use year-round and then the odd one that I’ve recently discovered this summer, so a varied bunch I’d say! Continue reading “Summer Empties”

Top 5 Bath & Beauty Products – Guest Post

As you’ve seen before when I’ve done a guest post (pas example here), I’ve provided you guys with the link so you can go and check it out (no need to thank me, you’re welcome) in place of my usual post! My guest post for BeccasLoveForLife went up last night so if you want to go and have a read and find out what my top 5 bath and beauty products – 4 of which I’ve written about previously! Continue reading “Top 5 Bath & Beauty Products – Guest Post”

The Lesser Known of Lush – Shaving & Makeup

So if you caught my Lush alternatives Nature’s Soap post a couple of weeks ago, or my Snapchat recently (imogenpenchants) you’ll know that there are a couple of products that I’ll only buy from Lush, and I finally got my hands on them again! Most people associate Lush with bath bombs and shower gel, and I can see why because they have an amazing selection and it’s usually the first place you’d look for that kind of thing. But not many people pay attention to the other incredible products they have! Continue reading “The Lesser Known of Lush – Shaving & Makeup”

Nature’s Soap – a Lush alternative?

Last week I got home to one of the best deliveries I’ve had in a while – a big box of Nature’s Soap goodies! I’d never tried Nature’s Soap before so I was so excited to see how good they are, and I was absolutely besotted as soon as I opened the box and got a massive whiff of everything inside!  Continue reading “Nature’s Soap – a Lush alternative?”