Date Days – Mini Golf

I love a good date day and thanks to the fact both Ashley and I have had quite a bit going on, we’ve been having a few more than usual. It’s always good to make time to just be together, even if you live together (well, especially if you live together) and it doesn’t really matter what you’re doing. Of course, we tend to go for food more than anything, but we’re venturing out a bit more and trying a few different things! So that’s where the mini golf comes in –  last month we had a Paradise Island Adventure Golf open in Derby and I was offered a free game, it seemed like a perfect little date idea, so off we went!

The new one in Derby is actually the sixth location as they already have them in Manchester, Sheffield, Cheshire, Glasgow and Livingston – so if you’re anywhere nearby, go and give it a try! They’ve got two 18-hole courses to choose from called Mermaid Rock and Shark Bay, both with their own little adventures in them. We chose the Mermaid Rock course, which lead through the Monkey Temple which was full of vines and trees with monkey and jungle noises playing in the background (always a nice touch). 

When you get about half was around there is the mystical bazaar spice market which has a bit of a Moroccan feel to it (not that I’ve even been but you know). This has a couple of stalls, some gorgeous lanterns that lit the area up nicely and a snake charmer statue on top of one of the stalls. It was a completely different feel to the monkey temple, so much so that it felt like a different course altogether!

We were there for a good hour or so and despite his act on the way there of “I hope you’re ready to get beaten”, I won! It’s not very often I actually beat him at anything so it was a nice little bonus on top of a great date. We’ll definitely be going back again soon and we’ll have a look at what Shark Bay has to offer!

I’m thinking of creating a new series on ‘Date Days’ with a few ideas on whatever we get up to, what do you think?